Hiking / Trekking

The province of Huelva is a prime location with more than 30% declared as protected area. It is ideal for hiking, trekking, photographic tours, bird watching or simply to observe the light that identifies us.

We carry different hiking trails through the mountains, Rio Tinto, Doñana, Guadiana (border with Portugal) River, and along the coast.

Request information about the different routes scheduled between October and April. We also offer you the option to customize routes in time and duration for families, groups, businesses, schools.

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Charco Malo (Cortelazor), Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Route

Minas de Sotiel Coronada y río Odiel (Calañas) Route

Entorno de Doñana (Almonte) Route

«Los Contrabandistas» (Paymogo) Route

Hiking with children