Quad Routes

Enjoy a spectacular quad route with family and friends. We carry out activities throughout the year, with departures from El Rompido and Punta Umbría in Huelva.

We have at your disposal single-seater 5-speeds semiautomatic clutchless quads and fully-automatic two-seater quads. To drive them it is compulsory to be in possession of driving license type B. Children must be over 7 years of age and accompanied by their parent or guardian. No previous experience is necessary.

You can choose among different routes and durations:

Departures from Precise Resort El Rompido Hotel (See map)

«Pinares de Cartaya» Route

Enter the pine forest of Cartaya with more than 30.000 acres by sandy trails, surrounded by rockroses and lentisks and sometimes, briefly accompanied by some eagle which will guide us to the Piedras river mouth lookout in the Flecha del Rompido natural setting, a place that will not leave you indifferent.

Departures guaranteed, previous reservation, with at least 2 quads.

  • Monday to Saturday with reservation. Ask about Sundays and Holidays
  • Duration: 1 hour y 30 minutes
  • 10:30 hours. Ask about other schedules, afternoons and holidays

    Single-seater quad price 65€

  • Two-seater quad price 90€

«The Smugglers route»

Departure from El Rompido to take a tour using the old smugglers trails through the extensive Cartaya pine forest up to the Portugal border, with views of the landscape sourronding the Guadiana river. We will visit one of the most important wind farms in Europe and, after a rest by some flour mills, we will enjoy San Silvestre de Guzmán zone gastronomy. On our way back we will come close to the Piedras river dam, near its source, and we will follow its course to the river mouth at the San Miguel marshes.

Departures guaranteed, previous reservation, with at least 3 quads.

  • Available from October to May
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • 10:00 hours Monday to Saturday. Ask about Sundays and Holidays
  • Single-seater quad price 115€
  • Two-seater quad price 160€
  • Lunch included

«Route under Guadiana river and mines» All included weekend + SPA (From October to April) Limited availability.

This route covers some of the municipalities of Beturia, with departure from El Rompido through the Cartaya pine forest to the Tharsis mine and La Puebla de Guzmán, accommodation in rural house on the banks of the Guadiana and return by the Piedras riverside, to the rivermouth at San Miguel marshes.

Departures guaranteed, with reservation, with at least 5 quads.

Ask for availability. Dates, duration and routes can be customized for groups.

The price includes quad, lunch, accommodation in rural house in double bedroom, breakfast and 1 hour SPA circuit.

  • Available from October to May
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Single-seater quad price 195€
  • Two-seater quad price 315€